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"This One Secret" is the Key to Change Your Life, Forever!!!

"With This One Secret I can become FREE."
Carl Davis, Houston, TX
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Because of "This One Secret"...

  • I'm getting to my idea weight without trying, and you can too...
  • I'm getting richer (more money) without even trying, and you can too...
  • I'm getting healthier and fitter without me trying, and you can too...
  • Relationships are getting better without me trying, and they will for you too...
  • Everything is more harmonious without me trying, and you can feel it too...
  • Life is working with ease and flow
  • And so much more...

Houston, TX
Thursday afternoon,

Hello, friend and possible future friend,

Dr. Houston Vetter here! I’m taking a short break from putting together the material for our ground breaking Lucid Living™ Workshops to let you know about something that you need to know about.

What has moved me to write this letter to you right now is as I was thinking about the whole Lucid Living™ Seminar program, I realized that one of the major things that made our amazing new trainings possible is what is contained in “This One Secret”. Just as our new workshops are so revolutionary, “This One Secret” is so basic, so foundational and so easily missed by everyone I know or have read. You need this in your life.

Here is what a few folks have said after using "This One Secret"...

"This One Secret" is the bottom line for everything."

M.C. Horlica, Houston TX
"If you want to be a better person, "This One Secret" will make it happen."
Jerry Houseman, Houston TX
"This One Secret" will let Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats and Republicans get what they want without being mad at the other."
Bill Kemper, The Woodlands TX
"This One Secret" makes me a better spouse, parent, employee, and Christian."
Marina Gerry, Cypress TX

All the best authors, masters, and great teachers point to it, talk about it… but not specifically or how to make 'this one secret' work for us. It is so simple and easy and it's not really a secret unless you don't know the power of it and based on everyone and everything I see around me it must be a secret.

Note: This letter will probably break all the rules of quote a “good” sales letter designed to get you, the reader, to take action and buy this tool, this technique, this information right now. To those marketers who can find where I should have done this or changed that or said something in a more persuasive way I apologize ahead of time.

I don’t know if you will be able to understand this but I am writing this from a place of passion and incredible conviction inside of me. It feels like it must flow out. Will my writing sound sales(ie)? Maybe! Will you feel like I’m trying to twist your arm to get this now, I don’t know. Hopefully you will feel my passion and will be inspired by what I’m gonna write you.

If there was only One Thing I could do, it would be this. "This One Secret" has helped me more with my health, wealth and happiness. This is what you need to clear the way for the next level.
Dr John Morrow, Katy TX

Let me explain...

As a modeler of excellence I've gone so far as to spend money to learn and test everything possible to find what works. I even spent the time, energy, effort and money to earn three, count 'em, three Piled Higher and Deepers (PhDs), and in addition, to that I've studied and received certificates and Master level proficiency in over 33 different change, healing and transformation modalities. I was even a pastor of a 5000 member non-denomination church for about 8 years, back when 5000 members was a lot of members.

Suffice it to say, I've looked, searched and researched everything I possibly can to find what works and what helps people get what they want.

You, like me have somewhere in you the desire to help others because there is the sense that when you help another you are helping yourself. So from time to time I would wonder, "What's the one thing that I don't know, that if I knew would make all the difference in the world?"

Until recently I didn't realize that I had found the answer. "This One Secret" is so simple it snuck up on me.

Now don't get me wrong even though I didn't need all the edumacation (education) and all the certificates to find this ultimate jewel. I still appreciate what I learned. And even though what I use with clients and to help people get what they want I didn't learn in the mainstream educational system. It is all useful. But this one secret is so amazing I don't really know what to say.

So let me ask you...
Looking at all the areas of your life...
Would you like to be happier?
Would you like to be healthier?
Would you like to be richer?
Would you like to be smarter?
Would you like your relationships to be better?
What would you like?
Would you like to have it all?

Would you like to do all those independent of any other human being on the face of this earth? What if you didn't have to take physical action to start the ball rolling and what if any physical action(s) you eventually did take were fun, easy and the most natural steps to take. What if you worked and planned half as much; got twice as much done and receive three times as much value than you ever did before.

"This One Secret" is the answer. It is the ultimate jewel. The most amazing tool, The fundamental shift!

It is also the simplest secret, the easiest secret, it's so simple that not only will you see its' simplicity you'll also feel it. This One Secret is profound, filled with ease and subtle with power for you.

Here is a question: After applying this simplest of secrets will you buy other techniques, tools, and technologies? Will you attend other self-improvement seminars? I don't know. I sure hope so, and I'm sure everyone else out there with something they think is important for each of us does too.

One thing I can promise you is as you apply this amazing tool, it will make any techniques, technology or training you have had or will take easier, more fun, and you will be more proficient with them.

Here are some of the areas this simplest of secrets will improve or change:









Poor Judgment

Good Judgment









































Health problems

Money problems

Him/Her problems

Work problems

Attitude problems

Click here to makes these issues a thing of the past

Will this amazing secret correct everything immediately or overnight? It will, only if what is being corrected happened overnight. It is also the key to getting rid of all those things you don't want. One thing I promise you is, when you apply this easy simple tool you will immediately (within 15 minutes) FEEL the process starting. You will feel better and you will get indications that continued use of this tool will be the foundation to get you every single thing you really want in your life, more money, more love, more happiness, everything.

I am doing well, since we spoke and since I got an idea of how you think, and have started to re-perceive my life through that lens, I have felt much better easily and naturally. And to boot manifestations are happening that show me my life is transforming in my Favor! I just feel better in general and for 'no reason', and I realize "This One Secret" is the reason.
Ronda Gillette. Kansas City, MO

You will find that as you naturally continue to use this technique that problems resolve faster, old unwanted habits leave as if by magic, relationships improve and you will find harmony in your life, with ease and flow.

If you are ill this will rapidly start the process to turn it around to health.
If you want or need more money this will be the reason it comes to you.
If you want the love of your life to come into your life, this is the fastest, easiest and quickest way to allow (or make) it happen.
If you want to be happier or healthier or richer or wiser this is your bottom line answer.

How can I say this and how can I promise all this?

Because you are already using this easy simple tool but you are using it in reverse, you're using it backwards, among all the other things that you think you are using this is the solution to the most revolutionary change in your life.

I'm telling you this is so amazing and so very, very simple.

  • It requires no physical action
  • It requires no action plan
  • It requires no help from anyone
  • You can do it all by yourself
  • Takes very little time
  • Can be applied in seconds

It is so simple anyone with an I.Q. of 70 can use this and change their life. It is so complicated that someone with an I.Q. off the charts can use it to change their life.

This is the fundamental operation, the ultimate answer, the hidden knowledge, the simplest secret, the Skelton Key, that unlocks the core of all power and it is yours and I'll show you how to use it.

I do not care who you are, how old you are, how young you are, how smart you are, how dumb you think you are, none of that matters. Simply begin using this powerful, yet oh so simple secret and feel everything get better and better and better.

This One Secret is so unbelievably easy and so obvious after you start using it that I'm reminded of the classic story of the School Superintendant who had a grade school furnace boiler that needed to be fixed and he had tried every plumber, electrician and heating and air contractor in two counties and still he couldn't find anyone to fix the grade schools boiler.

He had heard stories that there was an old retired janitor who might be able to help so reluctantly he contacted the gentleman and made an appointment with him to look at the boiler. The Superintendant met the old man at the door going down to the boiler room and he stood at the bottom of the stairs as the old gentleman walked down the row of pipes and all around the boiler, lightly touching each part of the boiler pipes as he went. He went around two time and on the second time as he was following his hand he stopped at one particular spot, pulled out a little ball pin hammer and tapped three times in a specific spot and the boiler came right to life and started working at full capacity.

The Superintendent was so very, very grateful and told the janitor to just send him a bill. When the bill arrived, it was for $1000.00. The Superintendent was flabbergasted; he thought the bill was totally outrageous. So he sent back a letter asking for an itemized statement. The received statement read:

Ball Pin Hammer $5.00
Knowing how and where to apply said hammer $995.00
Total $1000.00

The simplicity of this fundamental secret seems just like that grade school boiler. Everyone has one but no one knows where or how to apply the needed touch to get our boilers working at full capacity for us. This One Secret is that knowledge and I will show you how to apply the specific tool in the easiest way to remove every block, constriction or resistance you have and get what you really truly want.

I will explain the science and the structure behind what, where, why and how so you can easily follow the instructions and since you are the 'who', you will have all the knowledge and experience in a matter of minutes to begin the process of easily getting what you want.

No matter what modality you are currently using...

Matrix Energetics

Yuen Method

Eric Pearl’s Reconnection





Spiritual Technology

Silva Mind Control

Silva Ultra ESP



The Medical Establishment







Quantum Entrainment

The Healing Codes

Monroe Institute

Centerpoint Research Institute

Learning Strategies, Inc

Tai Chi

Chi Gong










Quantum Touch







This One Secret will enhance and improve your results with any and all of them!

Now if this simple easy technique does half of what I am saying it will do, it is more valuable than anything you now own or have. Something that will make what you have, work better and make anything you get in the future work better is quite a big promise. BUT I am telling you the absolute truth. You could equate this to the pearl of great price and many would be deceived because of the simplicity and ease of this and that makes it even more valuable.

I'm reminded of what a Master teacher once said, "Let those who have eyes to see, see and those who have ears to hear, hear." And as my Grampa Vetter would say let the rest be the blind leading the blind taking comfort in worn out clichés like, "If it seems too good to be true, it usually is." When the truth is, "if it seems too good to be true you simply haven't been keeping up with all the new developments and understandings that now make the too good to be true, actually better than the old torn, worn out way of doing things."

This is more important to you than your house but I'm not going to ask for a monthly payment for getting and learning how to use something that is more valuable than your house or your car even though you have to spend money every month on them and get far less value than "This One Secret".

I'm not going to ask for the cost of a nice dinner for two, even though the benefits of "This One Secret" last longer than all the nice dinners you can buy combined.

I'm only going to ask you to invest $79 in yourself for "This One Secret" and how to apply it. And I don't want you to invest $79 in yourself if you don't really want to move to the next level. If you don't want to be happy, don't invest in yourself. If you are not excited about the possibilities, don't invest in yourself. If $79 is more than you can afford to invest in yourself I don't know what to tell you.

Yet, if I were there I'd want you to listen to your voice of authority inside your head saying "Yes, you are worth it, invest in yourself."

"This One Secret" tool works when you use it the right way and I easily show you how. Even if you don't invest in this tool you are already using it against yourself. It's like gravity; it's always working but not always in your favor. "This One Secret" shows you how to get it working in your favor all the time.

Usually I offer a money-back guarantee and because of the simplicity of this natural tool and because I know how easily it works and since it has worked with every single person I have had apply it and because I want you to participate in workshops with me in the future I am not offering a money back, as I know in my knower anyone who applies this tool consistently will always get better results than you imagine or expect right now.

I usually offer guarantees to make it easy for you to say yes, without any risk, and this time I want you to make the investment in yourself. Risk that you are worth it! If you are going to partially jump off the diving board you are not going to enjoy it when you hit the water and when you make the decision to actually jump in then you don't hit the water you enter the water and it is a much more enjoyable experience. I ask you to make the decision to jump in, invest in YOU, you will be glad you did. Believe yourself, trust yourself, this really is the ultimate key.

To Your Best,

Dr. Houston Vetter

P.S. I've been using this for about 8 months now, and life is so much better, it is hard to describe in words. And I want the same for you.

P.P.S. I've attempted to convince you that you really want this. However, I understand, only you can really go inside and convince yourself this is best for you. I truly hope you do.

P.P.P.S. Imagine actually knowing and using the one thing that will make all the difference in the world! This is it.